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Terms & Conditions

Contract Period: 5/1/2000 – 4/30/2020

Customer Information

1a. Awarded Special Item Number(s): 426-1G – Miscellaneous Law Enforcement Products, to include forced entry tools and vehicle disabling equipment, (FSC Class: 5120)

1b. Lowest Priced Model: MagnumClaw! GSA Price $28.66

2. Maximum Order Guideline: 426-1G $200,000

3. Minimum Order Limitation: $100

4. Geographic Coverage: 48 Contiguous States, Washington DC, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Territories and to a port or consolidation point within the aforementioned areas for orders received from overseas activities.

5. Points of Production: Big Bend, WI

6. Discount from list price: Prices shown herein are net, discounts have been deducted and the industrial funding fee has been added.

7. Quantity Discount: An additional 1.5% for single line items exceeding $50,000 and delivered to a single delivery point

8. Prompt Payment Terms: Net 30

9a. Government Purchase Cards: Accepted at or below the micro-purchase threshold

9b. Government Purchase Cards: Accepted above the micro purchase threshold.

10. Foreign Items: None

11a. Time of Delivery: 30 Days ARO

11b. Expedited Delivery: 5-10 DARO based on product availability

11c. Overnight/2 Day Delivery is Available: Contact Contractor

11d. Urgent Requirements: Consult with Contractor

12. FOB Point: Origin, Prepaid and Allowed

13a. Ordering Address: Same as Contractor

14. Payment Address: Same as Contractor

15. Warranty Provisions: Standard Commercial Warranty – Five (5) years on manufacturing or assembly defects. Also, free replacement of spikes and any components required by end user after effecting a stop.

16. Export Packing Charges: N/A

17. Terms and Conditions of Government Purchase Card Acceptance: N/A

18. Terms and Conditions of Rental: N/A

19. Terms and Conditions of Installation: N/A

20. Terms and Conditions of Repair Parts: N/A

21. List of Service and Distribution Points: None

22. List of Participating Dealers: None

23. Preventive Maintenance: None

24a. Special Attributes: None

24b. Section 508: N/A

25. Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number: 044382807

Contact Us

To learn more about our tire spikes and tire deflation devices and why the military and law enforcement from around the world make them their premier choice, we invite you to contact us via our web form, email tdd@magnumspike.com or by calling 262-784-2732 or 888-667-9494 today!