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About MagnumSpike!

Phoenix International Ltd. realized decades ago that stopping high-speed chases is a dangerous operation for law enforcement. In 1986, Phoenix International was the first manufacturer to introduce tire deflation devices to the U.S. market and demonstrate the effectiveness of tire spikes as a public safety tool. It’s MagnumSpike!™ is an effective tire spike system for tire deflation. It has a 100% record of safe, successful vehicle stops.

We are a small, 100% minority and woman owned business, headquartered in Wisconsin, USA, where the MagnumSpike!™ is designed and manufactured. The MagnumSpike!™ is a superior tire deflation device developed to help law enforcement and the men and women of our Armed Forces and Homeland Security safeguard our nation and its interests abroad.

Only the MagnumSpike!™ system allows for controlled and quick deflations 100% of the time because of its unique, non-clogging spike and friction-free release of its spikes. There is no device like it. Also, the same unique spike that makes the MagnumSpike!™, the envy of the industry is now available in a pocket-size model, the MagnumClaw!™ — to prevent drivers stopped for questioning from fleeing.

MagnumSpike!™ is still the only system that consistently and predictably stops even self-sealing and the toughest run-flat tires as shown in seven out of seven National Institute of Justice tests. Across the U.S. and around the world, through thousands of successful stops, there has not been a single adverse incident reported since day one.

Our five-year, 100% warranty provides end users of the MagnumSpike!™ free replacement of all needed components, including spikes.

No wonder the MagnumSpike!™ is a sound investment and is the clear choice for tire deflation devices for Law Enforcement and the Military all over the world. A 100% safety record!

Give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss your specific needs for tire deflation devices. MagnumSpike!™ line of tire deflation devices offers you safe, effective, reliable and affordable solutions to spike tires and control high-speed chases.

Public Safety Tool: The MagnumSpike!™ TDD is the only engineered system on the market to safely and more swiftly deflate all tires including the new self-sealing and run-flat tires. Decreasing chase time increases safety all around, saving lives and preventing property damage.

Safety Act Award: Because of its unparalleled 100% safety record from day one, the Department of Homeland Security issued a Certificate of Conformance to Phoenix International for its MagnumSpike!™ tire deflation system as an “Approved Product for Homeland Security”. The certificate is issued under the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002 (the Safety Act).

Safety, Simplicity of Use: The key objective in designing the patented MagnumSpike!™ is safety and ease of use. This U.S.-made system is very easy to handle and can be deployed in seconds under any weather conditions or road surfaces. It allows officers complete control of the situation without exposing themselves to dangerous traffic. MagnumSpike!™ has a 100% safety record since day one!

Predictable Safe Stops: The MagnumSpike!™ is the only TDD spike that is designed to safely and swiftly end high-speed pursuits consistently within predictable short distances. It gives control back to the officers over an extremely dangerous situation, preventing property damage and safeguarding the lives of law enforcement officers, innocent bystanders and the occupants of the pursued vehicle.

Quickest Controlled Safe Stops: The MagnumSpike!™ three-cornered, hollow spike and choke-proof design has been engineered to end the chase in seconds. This is important because 50 percent of all pursuit collisions occur during the first two minutes of a pursuit, according to a report of the National law Enforcement & Corrections Technology Center.

NIJ Tested: The state-of-the-art, instant deployment, portable MagnumSpike!™ system is the only one on the market to consistently stop vehicles equipped with the new self-sealing and run flat tires. Seven tests of tire deflation devices by the National Institute of Justice showed MagnumSpike!™ is prepared for the tire technology of tomorrow, stopping all vehicles equipped with self-sealing and run-flat tires.

Any MagnumSpike!™ Model Stops ’Em All: The fully assembled, portable system works 100% under all conditions and circumstances. Every HIT is a STOP. You do not need a different model for larger vehicles. The same system can stop all vehicles from small sub compacts to semis.

Instant Field Readiness: All units are field serviceable and do not require any special tools to replace spikes used in deployment. There is no down time, hence they can be immediately ready for reuse. Our border patrol departments have made great use of this feature reusing the same units several times a night to stop illegal trafficking.

Chase, No-Chase Policies: The MagnumSpike!™ tire deflation system can be used even in large departments with restrictive or no-chase policies. Used in conjunction with their instant communications, the MagnumSpike!™ gives officers the confidence to act quickly and safely, stopping suspects in their tracks, thereby avoiding a potentially dangerous high-speed chase.

Best Value & Service: The MagnumSpike!™ is the ultimate solution to all of your high-speed pursuit problems. It is far superior in every way and at a price that is substantially lower than any other tire deflation device on the market. This allows you to stretch your budget and equip more squad and patrol cars. And our after-sales service cannot be beaten.

Best Warranty: Our warranty is free of any fine print, no ifs, ands, or buts. Any and all components, including spikes, are guaranteed for five years while in use and replaced free of charge. Each unit already comes with 50 extra spikes.

Training Emphasized: A free train-the-trainer program familiarizes officers with the ease and simplicity of use of all MagnumSpike!™ systems. A detailed training DVD is included with all purchases.

Contact Us

To learn more about our tire spikes and tire deflation devices and why the Military and Law Enforcement from around the world make them their premier choice, we invite you to contact us via our web form, email tdd@magnumspike.com or by calling 262-784-2732 or 888-667-9494 today!