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Ongoing R & D

It’s one thing to be the industry leader, quite another to stay on top. That’s why the MagnumSpike! has been thoroughly tested at NASA’s Plum Brook Station, one of the world’s leading space environment simulation facilities. And the MagnumSpike! undergoes continuous R & D.
Testing the MagnumSpike! on the new, tough run-flat tires. MagnumSpike! can take on anything inflated that comes its way.

Demo of Run flat No Match For the MagnumSpike!

Training Video

MagnumSpike! Used World Wide

The MagnumSpike’s!™ unique design and proven performance make it a clear choice for safe, quick, effective stops and is the go to tire deflation system for Law Enforcement and the Military throughout the world.
MagnumSpike! demonstrated in Japan. This you have got to see!

MagnumSpike! used in an episode of NCIS